Sunday Morning - Single sermons

Hard Truths
July 11, 2021 • Blake Hanson
Pastor Blake talks about Hard Truths.
Set Free
July 04, 2021 • Blake Hanson
Pastor Blake talks about the freedom we have in Jesus.
Live Bold
May 30, 2021 • Blake Hanson
Pastor Blake talks about how a God centered life builds a bold life.
Milk & Honey
May 23, 2021 • Blake Hanson
Pastor Blake talks about living your best life.
A Great Announcement
May 16, 2021 • Phil Goss
Communion is an announcement of God's return.
What If…
April 11, 2021 • Blake Hanson
Pastor Blake talks about "what if" questions to challenge us.
A God We Can Trust
April 04, 2021 • Phil Goss & Blake Hanson
Easter is a time for great hope!
The Passover Meal
March 28, 2021 • Phil Goss
Pastor Goss talks about the importance of the Passover meal and finishes the service with communion.
Your Story Matters
January 10, 2021 • Blake Hanson
You have a story and it's meant to be shared. Discover today the value of sharing hope.
My Life Is
January 03, 2021 • Tim McDaniel
What's your life in 2021?
Tell Me More…
October 11, 2020 • Blake Hanson
How to be heard no matter where you may stand.
Conquering Your Jericho
October 04, 2020 • Phil Goss
How to be victorious in the battle of your life.
Let Them Look
September 13, 2020 • Blake Hanson
Who are you trying to please?
The Lord’s Supper
July 12, 2020 • Phil Goss
A time for us to remember all that God has done for us.
Give Up to Go Up
July 05, 2020 • Blake Hanson
Do you have things in your life you need to give up in order to go up?
The Importance of Missions
June 28, 2020 • Phil Goss
The responsibility we have as Christians for missions.
Understanding Our Times
June 07, 2020 • Phil Goss
Understanding the times we live in, why it is the way it is, and what we can do about it.
Treasure Hunt
March 08, 2020 • Phil Goss
Ownership, stewardship, and the cost of your heart.
March 01, 2020 • Blake Hanson
God gives us TODAY'S MOMENTS to make TOMORROW'S MOMENTS matter.
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